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Start with a course in your area of specialization; a skill you’re passionate about, have worked on for a while and have good knowledge of.

Record Your Video

Do you have a DSLR cameraor a smartphone (with at least 18megapixel camera)? Plug in a microphone, go to a quiet room with a plain background and film your course from your home or wherever you may be.

Teach & Earn

Create modules, quizzes and assignments to build your course using our easy course building tool. You will earn every time a student pays for your course.

Make Money Teaching A Skill

Join Africa’s largest online vocational skills marketplace.

Why Teach on Cash Your Passion?

When you share your knowledge on our platform; you are not only earning money, you’re making a difference by working with us to solve the problem of unemployment in Africa. We help people learn new vocational skills with which they can create a job for themselves and earn an income.

Our vision aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals No. 8 – to create decent work and economic growth. Hence, you’re not just teaching, you’re making an impact in the world.

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We’ve changed lives by connecting instructors with students around the world.

I never imagined the possibility of getting vocational training online but after the pandemic; my job was affected and I desperately needed another source of income. No jobs were forth coming, I knew I needed a vocational skill to help me start earning again. Thanks to Cash Your Passion, I now have a skill I earn with and can take care of my family.

Josh Olu

I have always wanted to diversify my income in case I lose my job. I have a passion for fashion, but working in a bank takes all my time, so I am unable to attend any workshops. I was so delighted to find Cash Your Passion’s eLearning platform for vocational skills. I was able to take the fashion illustration course without my job affecting my learning. I’m no longer afraid if I lose my job, thanks to Cash Your Passion

Grace Atkins

I had a great learning experience on the Cash Your Passion Platform; I’m excited that I can now earn with my skin formulation skills. The course was very easy to understand and I was glad my assignments were practicals instead of theory, this improved my learning.

Nengi Ichu

Getting a job after graduation was a herculean task; I stayed at home for 2years without an income until I heard about Cash Your Passion. I now offer my skills as a freelancer and earning from the comfort of my home.

Tobi Kwati

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