What is Cash Your Passion, Africa?:

Cash your Passion is a Pan-African eLearning platform where anyone can learn vocational skills online from expert instructors and also get mentoring to help them monetize the acquired skill. We aim to improve the overall wellbeing of Africans by equipping them with vocational skills for job creation, and to contribute meaningfully to society.

How does Cash Your Passion platform work?:

We have various online vocational training courses taught by creators, skilled entrepreneurs, and professionals from around the world. Each course is broken down into modules and lessons and a hands-on project for you to work on.

What do I need to start learning?:

You only need internet connection and a digital device (mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop)

What format are the courses in?:

All courses are in video format

What is the duration of the course?:

Course duration varies due to the nature of the skill

How can I access the courses?:

Sign Up/Register with your email address, before you can enroll into a course

How much will I pay for each course?:

Course prices differ depending on the skill and curriculum

How long will I have access to the course?:

Learners have access to courses for up to 3 months; however, learners with membership subscription have access from five months and above, depending on the membership level you choose.

Can I access the course offline?:

No, all courses are accessed online

What are the different levels of membership subscription and what do they entail?:

We have the silver, gold and platinum membership. Click HERE to see the plans

Will I get a certificate after learning?:

Yes, after learning and completing all the modules

Since this is vocational training, how will I know the materials I’ll require?:

All our courses have videos to give you an introduction to the course and the materials you will need for the online training.

Will I do practical during the online training?:

Yes, you will be required to do an assignment/project after each module. This project will be your practical after which you will submit a photo/video of your work to the instructor before proceeding to the next module.

How will I start earning after learning?:

You will get a mentor after learning who will guide you through understanding the business of your skill and how to set up yours

Is mentoring for everyone?:

We encourage all learners to go through mentoring; however, mentoring is only available to learners with membership subscriptions

How do I get access to a mentor after studying?:

You request for a mentor by going to the mentorship page, click on “Find A Mentor” and fill the form. Our team will pair you with an available mentor

Must I be African to learn on the platform?:

No, while the platform was built with Africans in mind; it is open to everyone

How do I make payment?:

You can pay by using a Visa Card, MasterCard, USSD or bank transfer. We also accept international payments using debit/credit cards

How do I become an instructor?:

Click become an instructor on the home page and fill the registration form

How can I earn money on Cash Your Passion platform?:

You can earn money as an instructor, by selling your vocational courses on our platform.