Instructor Handbook

Getting started

Welcome to the Cash Your Passion Instructor Handbook! This resource is designed to help you translate
your passion into an engaging, actionable, and high-quality Cash Your Passion course.
Cash Your Passion instructors are everyday creators, entrepreneurs, and skilled experts — people like
you! You don’t need to have experience teaching or be well known to publish your first course and grow
your following. This handbook provides all the guidance you need to create an engaging, interactive and
high-quality course — You’ve got this!

How Cash Your Passion Courses Work

Cash Your Passion courses are authentic, actionable, and designed to help students take what they learn
into the real world and earn from their skills. Focusing on in-demand creative and vocational skills.
On the Cash Your Passion platform, students take courses at their own pace with an 8 weeks access.
They carry out assignments to practice what they’ve learned. As an instructor, you get to facilitate this
unique learning experience, and this starts with understanding Cash Your Passion’s pedagogy (approach
to teaching).

  • Focused and Digestible: Cash Your Passion courses, on average, include 20-45 minutes of pre-
    recorded video content broken down into a series of short videos. Research shows that students
    get the most from courses that are focus-driven due to ever reducing attention span of
    millennials. Hence our instructors are onboarded for their expertise on one specific vocation,
    concept, or skill. This digestible format allows for focused and engaged learning.
  • Project-Based: All courses on the Cash Your Passion platform include a fun project that helps
    students to practice what they have learned. Creating and sharing projects, as well as providing
    feedback which is pivotal to online learning.

Course Quality Guidelines

Our goal is for every student to have an unforgettable experience while learning on the Cash Your
Passion skills acquisition platform.
All courses on Cash Your Passion must fulfil the following requirements and meet the set-out objectives.
If they don’t, they may not be onboarded by our team.

  • Foster learning
    We support authentic, inspired learning: all courses on Cash Your Passion are, first and foremost, educational. o Courses must help students to expand their knowledge and creativity; therefore, should not consist simply of a walk-through, review, or demo of a certain website or tool without any added knowledge-based value. o Courses should guarantee or promise a specific outcome or should be primarily geared towards helping students learn and earn with the acquired and harnessed skill.
  • Meet Standards for A/V Quality
    The audio in your course must be clear and easy to understand, without any form of distracting
    background noises. The video must be steady and of high resolution (not blurry or pixelated.)
  • Instructional learning
    Lessons and demonstrations must be instructionally narrated by the instructor, and focus should
    be on the skills required to complete the class project with specific tips, insights and best
    practices included.
    Include a Course Project
    We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why all Cash Your Passion courses must be project-
    based or have a project component — ideally one that is fun and engaging. Students must
    complete a project (assignment) before completing the course.
  • Meet Standards for Video LengthShort videos that make up the course modules should be at least 10 minutes long to maintain
    the attention span of the students.
  • Include Introduction Videos
    A 2-3-minute introduction video that tells the student what to expect in the course.
  • Include Course MaterialsVocational learning requires practice; hence you must list the materials required to practice the
    course in your introductory video. Encourage students to have their materials ready to enable
    them to get the best of the course.
  • Include Well-Organized Content
    Courses must be based upon a module, lesson plan or course outline. You may (at your
    discretion) add a downloadable text to support your video course for the purpose of helping the
    student engage better.
  •  Visual Presentation Courses should contain varied visuals throughout the learning process. For example, screen text and illustration images, or switch between talking head shots and slides. Talking head shots need to be well-lit with professional backdrops. Slides need to be well-structuredand visually appealing. Avoid rambling, ums, or excessive pauses.
  •  Share Value
    You should impart expertise through best practices, frameworks, concepts, and/or examples.
    Your experience and insight are the most valuable things you have to share!
  • Teach Clearly
    Your teaching should be clear, professional, and engaging.
  • You must NOT include affiliate links or links to paid content outside of the Cash Your Passion
  • You must NOT share personal information about students during your lectures.
  •  You must NOT include coupon codes, links or promotional references to any Cash Your
    Passion courses outside of the Cash Your Passion platform.

If your course has been removed for violating our class guidelines, you will be notified by the Cash
Your Passion team. Courses that do not meet our guidelines are subject to removal after 90 days